Silver Jewellery Classes

Deirdre Woolgar’s Hertfordshire based, jewellery making classes will teach you the skills and techniques of the silversmith, so you will very quickly be able to make your own handmade silver jewellery. Silver jewellery classes are for all abilities and no experience is necessary. Suitable for beginners to advanced students.

Students of all abilities work side by side, so if you are a beginner you will see lots of silver working techniques and skills being used in the workshop. You will also see students working in gold, platinum and with precious stones and pearls.


Hammer in workshop


Beginners – Make your own silver jewellery

The 10 week silver jewellery course for beginners will start with a short safety induction. Safety in the workshop is important so that everyone can work together with confidence.

The 10 week course covers:
• Soldering
• Filing
• Annealing
• Drilling
• Hammering
• Forming and shaping
• Refining
• Finishing and polishing

You may want to:
• Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty
• If you have long hair tie it back
• Wear shoes as sandals are not allowed in the studio

After the completion of the 10 week course, you will be confident in handling silver and applying silversmith skills. Most students now continue onto the next 10 week course where they can turn their own designs into beautiful pieces of bespoke jewellery.

For more information:
Email: or call 07974 045167


silver bangle in hands


Intermediates – Make your own bespoke silver jewellery

If you have moved from the beginners classes to this level, you will have fallen under the spell of making your own jewellery!

At this level, you will have a sound understanding of the skills and techniques of the silversmith and of jewellery making. You will be now able to create your own designs or carry on with projects set by Deirdre.

Intermediates will learn:
• Wax carving
• Hollow-form work
• Fabrication and forging
• Reticulation

You will be now be confident and proficient in the art of jewellery making and turning your own designs and ideas into actual pieces of jewellery.


tools and silver necklace


Advanced – Make your own jewellery

The techniques and skills taught at this level are aimed at experienced students who have an excellent understanding and are highly proficient at jewellery making.

Deirdre will now help you understand how to turn your complex designs into a reality. She will help you develop your own signature style and apply them to your jewellery. The skills you will learn at this level are advanced and career changing!

You will learn:
• Advanced wax carving
• Repoussé and chasing
• Linking

At this level you could be working as a jewellery maker or designer. You have developed advanced skills and are easily able to make anything you want, including wedding rings!


Upcoming Classes

• The next 10 week course starts Monday 11th Sept 2017
• The 2018 10 week course starts Monday 15th Jan 2018
• Course costs £210
• 2.5 hours per class
• Places are limited to 4-8 students only
• Day and evening courses are available
• Silver is not included in the course price, but can be purchased on the day
• All tools are supplied

As a rough guide a circle necklace will cost £35-£60 depending on how much silver used.



I have been attending  Deirdre’s classes  for quite some years. What I like about the classes is that we learnt to make  a wide variety of silver jewellery. I have also been impressed by the achievements of the class as a whole. I have experienced real friendship in the classes.
Mrs. P from Wheathampstead

I have been a jewellery student with Deirdre for more than 10 years, her classes are professional, instructive, creative and fun, combined with an excellent studio atmosphere. What I also like is that all the tools are provided.
Mr A from Welwyn

I made friends, learnt new skills and have created my own unique jewellery all in one 10 week course with Deirdre.
Miss A from Welwyn Garden City